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Compliance &  Tax

InterAcct (in-tər-ˈakt) v. 1. The process of connecting companies with highly skilled interim accounting and financial talent. n. 2. The company that makes it happen.

You may find InterAcct to be a little different. We are proud of that.

Our goal is to keep things simple. By keeping it simple we can charge clients a bit less; pay our consultants a bit more. We think you will see the difference our approach makes.

Often our clients need or want to improve the value they get from the accounting and financial management activities of their business but do not have the time, expertise or interest to do it internally.This may be the time to bring in outside resources.

InterAcct exists to connect companies that need talent with consultants  who will deliver results.

All InterAcct consultants are experienced and hands-on. They will advise AND will work to get it done.

Part Time and Interim CFO, Controller and Financial Management professionals to help your company.

Advisory & Strategy

Telephone: 617-686-2824

Is your strategy robust, clear and tied to your goals? Are the tasks that must be done to realize your goals in-synch with that strategy?  Do you have the capital to achieve them? We can help in each of these areas.

If you need interim financial management, our team is ready to help you.

InterAcct Accounting Management

Do you love handling Compliance and Tax matters? We do.

Many small to mid sized firms do not have adequate financial reporting to support management decisions. Our professionals have deep experience in all aspects of financial reporting to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Reporting and Analysis

Systems and process

From selecting new systems, to implementing and training your staff to use them, we can help.

interacct Accounting Management

InterAcct Accounting Management

Interim Accounting Management

    InterAcct, LLC